Aircraft Charter and Leasing Services For All Your Travel Needs



Whether you charter or lease a business aircraft depends upon your needs and requirements. If you fly only on rare occasions, aircraft charter may be all you need. You pay for each flight and standby hour, plus any catering you wish included. Premiere Aviation can smoothly and affordably handle all of your aircraft charter needs.

A cost-effective alternative to chartering is leasing a business aircraft for your annual use, providing you with the ability to schedule and utilize the aircraft on an as-needed basis. This access is limited to a very small group of people and businesses so that your leased aircraft is shared by no more than a dozen customers. At Premiere Aviation, our minimum lease usage is 25 hours per year, which is very similar to the jet cards offered by many of the fractional aircraft ownership companies. The big difference between those companies and us is cost. In addition to aircraft charter and leasing, Premiere Aviation is also a leader in Aerodynamic Refinement. We've equipped over 350 business aircraft with our patented Speed Covers, resulting in significant gains in both performance and fuel efficiency, concurrently keeping your costs low.

By direct comparison, it costs only about two thirds as much to lease a plane as it does to charter one, and leasing offers you far more operational flexibility. And there's a very good reason why Premiere Aviation chooses the Cessna 421C Golden Eagle: it's literally the best-suited business plane for today's “budget-conscious, energy-conscious, not enough time, too much stress” world, providing you turbine engine quiet and smoothness while offering the largest, quietest cabin in its class.

Choosing a pilot that you like and feel comfortable around is another advantage of aircraft leasing. You can select the pilot of your choice, unlike a charter plane that has specific pilots assigned to each aircraft. Premiere Aviation offers select pilots for you to choose from, or you can provide your own pilot. Pilots generally charge by the flight-hour, half-day, or full day.

And unlike a charter plane, if you lease a plane and it's not scheduled for another flight, you can keep the plane and return when you've completed your business. This is yet another of the many advantages of sharing the plane with only a few other lease customers. In contrast, a chartered plane has to get back to its home base and subsequently return to you, incurring fuel and aircraft/pilot costs that actually cost you more money.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]