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About Premiere Aviation – Concord Jet Center

Premiere Aviation is located in the Concord Jet Center at the Buchanan Field Airport and has been in the aviation transportation business for over 30 years. In that time we have provided accident free transportation for many companies and individuals throughout the world.

In that time we have come to realize what people need, want and desire for their transportation needs. Today’s savvy business/personal traveler demands more services, amenities and quality in cost effective efficient business aircraft tailored to their busy schedules.

Energy usage has become a factor in selecting the appropriate aircraft to fulfill your travel needs. Premiere Aviation is based out of the Concord Jet Center and has flown a variety of aircraft throughout our aviation careers, we have chosen the Cessna 421C Golden Eagle to provide safe, efficient, comfortable transportation throughout the western United States.

The Cessna 421C Golden Eagle is an all-weather cabin-class aircraft that has a pressurized cabin and is capable of flying  up to and including 30,000’. The air-conditioned cabin assures comfort you would come to expect in a first-class aircraft.  With cruising speeds between 230-260 mph, you will be able to reach most destinations on the whole west coast and throughout the Rocky mountains, all non-stop.

In addition, we have added normal household electricity in the cabin at 3 stations, assuring uninterrupted computer/electronic usage. The leather seats have all been engineered with memory foam surrounded by all new cabinetry utilizing exquisite Bolivian Rosewood and Karelian Birch Burl. The effect is one of richness and quality one would expect in only the finest of jet-powered aircraft.

Premiere Aviation offers an exclusive aircraft dry-leasing business aircraft option coupled with an in-house flight crew training program comparable to the major airlines. Available crews work directly for you, taking you where and when you want to go, assuring a no hassle, safe, comfortable flight on your schedule.

Whether you are an aircraft owner or an operator looking at supplement your current flight department or are new to the prop-set, Premiere Aviation conveniently located at the Concord Jet Center in the East Bay, offers unsurpassed quality in personal air transportation for at a surprisingly low cost with flexibility usually only appreciated by having an expensive flight department.

Enjoy whisper-quiet cabins created by our engineers that allow normal conversation in the conference seating configuration; less noise is less fatigue.

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