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Premiere's Aviation's Cessna Golden Eagle is happiest at 15,000-20,000' cruising at 240 mph with a 5,000' cabin

Optimum Safety- Maximum Efficiency

Fly the safest, twin-engine aircraft ever produced by professional flight crews with a company that has over 30 years of aircraft charter experience. Premiere Aviation has patented and certified aerodynamic refinements to the aircraft that make Premiere your only choice for state-of-the-art technology and attention to cabin comfort/amenities that puts it in another class compared to the competition. They are the only provider operating the Golden Eagle in the Bay Area, one of the best designs ever produced as reported by Twin and Turbine magazine.

Memory foam seats and Karelian birch burl and Bolivian rosewood cabinetry gives you that jet-like feel in Premiere Aviation's Cessna Golden Eagle

Uncompromised Comfort and Amenities

The traveling executive or entrepreneur needs to keep productive while traveling and you can in Premiere’s cabin where memory foam leather seats in a conference seating configuration allows you unparalleled comfort while having access to household 110 volts or 12 volts for any electronic gadget you may have and need to keep fully functional for the entire flight. In addition, super-soundproofing allows normal conversation throughout the cabin much like the more expensive Cessna Citation jet series. Furthermore, a Bluetooth stereo allows any portable device to connect to the stereo where you can enjoy music just like in your car: through speakers in the cabin.

Modern avionics put the Cessna Golden Eagle in the same class as new airliners

Professional Flight Crew

Pilots that fly Premiere Aviation’s Limited Edition Cessna Golden Eagle are thoroughly trained with the latest equipment and training aids available. They must each pass a test in the aircraft, not a simulator every year. In addition, Premiere Aviation’s performance standards are significantly higher than FAA standards. The results are a pilot whose flying skill is clearly visible in their handling of the aircraft. Maximizing safety while assuring that all your personal needs are taken care of are part of their demeanor. Enjoy the pampering, you will not find this everywhere.

Premiere Aviation's Cessna Golden Eagle has plenty of room in the nose for everyone's bags and bring laptops into the cabin so you can use them enroute

Stress Reduction

We all have many things we want/need to accomplish in a day, the problem is we run out of time or our schedule gets out of sync with the rest of our day. And that is where the stress starts to build. What can we do when the meeting runs long, itineraries change, etc. With your own business plane, you make your schedule to contour to your changing needs and desires. Forget TSA, airport crowds, driving through traffic to get to the main airport, fly out of any of the Bay Area 12 airports closer to work or home and even better, fly into a destination closer to your real destination. This will save you time, eliminate your stress and give you the flexibility to change your flight schedule whenever you need to. Saving time is an element of your whole flight operation, so besides reducing stress you are saving time and more importantly using it more effectively.

The east side of the Sierras is always dramatic looking to the west, here at Lone Pine, CA.

Cruising Speed and Time Effectiveness

With the majority of business trips averaging 250 miles or less, cruising speed is not going to save you much time. Premiere Aviation’s Golden Eagle can use thousands more airports then the comparable business jet, which translates to less ground travel time to get to the ultimate destination.Net time savings in a jet for 250 miles or less is negligible. Flying direct from point A to B is the main key to time efficiency coupled with being able to use the time while enroute productively. Whether working on a laptop, having a meeting in the conference seats or just unwinding alone and at peace, using a business plane is a strong way to “de-stress”.

Selecting the Right Aircraft For Your Mission Profile

True Operating Costs and Keeping Them in Check

Operating costs are a big factor in a business aircraft. Premiere has refined the costs of the Cessna Golden Eagle with over 30 years operating them. Staying ahead of maintenance is assured while minimizing costs and downtime. Using a plane that fulfills the mission without having too much airplane/speed/cabin is key and our Limited Edition surpasses anything that has a cabin similar in size with a whopping 20% improvement of fuel economy. This means it costs less to get there going faster and you can carry more passengers and baggage since you do not need as much fuel.

Cruising above low level clouds is always a beautiful sight! In the Cessna Golden Eagle higher is better.

Aircraft Efficiency and Going Green

How do you improve the fuel efficiency of a well designed aircraft? Leave it to the engineers at Premiere Aviation; design and patent a wheel cover that  improves airflow over the lower wing, improving climb, cruising speed and safety. Add engine and fuel injection tuning that surpasses any aircraft maintenance shop practices and you now have something poised to go well into the 21st Century with stamina. What Cessna forget to do right, Premiere Aviation has taken the reins and applied refinements that truly make the Cessna Golden Eagle special.

Take all the Winter toys you need to truly have fun in the snow and stow them out of the cabin in the large nose baggage compartments

Baggage Capacity

Most business jets have baggage behind the engines where the baggage compartment is short and boxy, with only one access door. The design of the nose of the Cessna Golden Eagle is long and thin, with 3 access doors, putting skis, snow boards, golf clubs, mountain bikes or other cumbersome items is now a breeze. Many small jet flights will have to drag the baggage through the cabin door to store it in the aft cabin where there are no windows, inconvenient and a pain! Carry-on baggage is for baggage you want or need to get access to; not all of the baggage!

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